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Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms differ from other strains because they have a fast and robust onset. First-time users are often surprised at how fast they feel the effects, which can be felt 10-30 minutes after ingestion. This fast onset can be  described as being euphoric, happy and even may show some visualizations.

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Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms differ from other strains because they have a fast and robust onset. First-time users are often surprised at how fast they feel the effects, which can be felt 10-30 minutes after ingestion. This fast onset can be  described as being euphoric, happy and even may show some visualizations. After time progresses, the trip usually becomes more relaxed and “chill”. During this time thoughts of introspection as well as appreciation for art, music and nature occur.  Treasure Coast Cubensis is also noted to have very strong visuals.

Dosage depends on the  depth of trip that you wish to experience. Refer to this guide for Treasure Coast Magic Mushroom Dosages:
Microdose (0.5-1gram)
Moderate Dose (2-3.5 grams)
Heavy Dose:  (4-5 grams)

For first time users, it is recommended to take a lower dose, such as 1 gram and then gradually increase their dose if required.

It is important to note that most trips will last from 3-8 hours.

Psychedelic Online Center highly recommends purchasing a Microscale, which can measure down to the milligram for exact dosages. We have tried and tested specific brands, and we prefer the Fuzion Digital Pocket Scale, which can be found here.

How To Prepare for Your Trip With Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms
When preparing for your magic mushroom trip, it is important to trust yourself and your environment. Try to surround yourself in a safe space and be around people you feel comfortable with. When you start to feel the psychedelic effects of the Psilocybin and Psilocin, try to let go and and trust the process. Trying to resist or control your thoughts and feelings may actually be detrimental, as it can cause you to have a bad trip. Be open to the visuals and sensations that you may experience, regardless if they are strange or different at the time. Remember that magic mushroom trips are temporary, and that they have many benefits that can last a life time. So be open to the process and try to embrace all the sensations that you are experiencing.

The History of Treasure Coast Mushroom

Knowing the history of what comes down to your system may be deemed as unnecessary since it already passed critical testing centers to enter your digestive tract. However, it won’t be that bad to know where the consumable’s name came from, what it suggests, and its origin. For a brief history description, let’s not make an exception for the treasure coast mushroom. As the name mentions, the fungus called “Treasure Coast” came from South Florida Gulf Coast in the United States of America. Though there are no certified documents that show its birth origin in the said location, it was still collected on the Coast. Hence, why it got its name. Authorized individuals found it growing and thriving well in soils that are entirely made up of nutritious compounds, which is why it’s an edible mushroom in the first place. But, that doesn’t mean that it got its potent effects from the nutritious soil because cultivators can grow it in their possession. Yet, it remains highly influential, especially in the field of psychedelics.

Physical Characteristics of a Treasure Coast Mushroom

One way to know if you’re legitimately consuming an edible mushroom is to criticize its distinguishable characteristics. Also, do the spore printing, especially with mycologists with professional backgrounds. On the other hand, the trait you will see, when you’re not an expert, will vary depending on how you cultivated it. Shroomers often seek for convenience processes, making the Treasure Coast strain grow kit massively prominent in the mushroom field. What goes out of the said ready-made procedure are huge blooms with adequate height for a shroom, equipped with vast and dense clusters. But, in terms of spore printing, the stature is a bit taller than usual, and yields are undeniably swift and abundant than what grow kits can conceive. Regardless of the two methods that will fit your preference and level of knowledge, it’s a must to know the precise temperature they should be in, which is around 23 to 26 degrees Celsius.

As mentioned, the way of cultivating Treasure Coast Mushroom should rely on your inclination. But, mycologists are in contrast to the idea. According to them, the procedures of cultivation that you shroomer will employ should be based on their level of expertise, to prevent unwanted mushroom deaths and undesirable results. The said explanation is what drives groomers to do it the easy way – through the Grow Kit.

For summation, the characteristics a Treasure Coast Mushroom will display depending on growing methods. A shroomer’s expertise level will then influence the two options. If you’re into the more convenient process with more massive clusters and a rapid maturity period, you should stick with the grow kit. But, if you value yields and time more, you can refer to spore printing. However, note that the spore option can be quite sensitive to execute because of existing laboratory guideline’s complexities.

What are the effects of Treasure Coast Mushrooms?

Having the right knowledge on what a substance can deliver should be a necessity among first-timers, especially when the material conceives higher chances in addiction and dependence. Before delving into what Treasure Coast Mushroom can give, let’s start with the overall impact of a magic mushroom.

For those who are still left in the dark, mushrooms contain a psychedelic compound named Psilocybin, which is available in every variety of mushroom strain. Though it has its unique potencies and outcomes, you cannot detach the notion that it’s already a psychoactive substance. By definition, a psychoactive-filled chemical will inflict alterations on a user’s mood, behavior, consciousness, emotional and mental perception. Meaning, users who use those substances are most likely to undergo delusional state, mostly if they are into chronic and frequent usage.

With that, we can already conclude that Treasure Coast Mushroom contains Psilocybin, responsible for psychedelic impact. The difference the topic mushroom has is its extreme intensities that should caution newbies, specifically those who possess lower tolerance. The high levels of Psilocybin present in Treasure Coast Mushroom are what driving consumers under psychoactive experience, which involves distortion and hallucinations. On the other hand, the good thing that could come out of it is its ability to change the perception and divert attention from an eventful idea to peaceful serenity. Other users who opt to make use of precise dosage according to their experience level are safe from mind-alteration changes because instead of distorting reality, it helps them feel euphoric and calm.

Moreover, it heightened their spiritual capability that aids in their good meditation to reflect past actions that will affect the future. While it’s true that Treasure Coast Mushroom holds more potency, it gets more serene and chills as the high goes up. Because of that, it is highly recommendable, even to veteran users, to use mushrooms moderately to encounter what wish to experience.


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