Iboga Powder

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Iboga is an extremely potent plant and can be used for a variety of purposes both medicinal and psychospiritual.

Here is a short list of conditions which can be treated with Iboga

  • Addictions
  • Depression
  • Drowsiness
  • Fever
  • The Flu
  • High blood pressure
  • Nerve Disorder
  • Fatigue
  • Low sex drive
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Iboga powder for sale. Tabernanthe iboga is native to the Congo region in Africa and belongs to the milkweed family. Another name for Tabernanthe iboga is Iboga Powder. It is a shrub that reaches mostly a height of 2 m. Sometimes when the surrounding conditions are well, it may become 10 m high. In the natural habitat its populations suffer from the intensive harvesting. Iboga Powder grows only slow and needs time to recover. This product contains like all Apocynaceae latex.
The leaves are lanceolate and strongly glossy. The small flowers are whitish, pink or yellow and get maximal 1 cm in diameter. The fruits are brightly orange and vary in form from round to elliptic. They have the size of an olive and hang down fresh and viable tabernanthe iboga seeds
The roots of Tabernanthe iboga are also orange and contain a high number of alkaloids, amongst others ibogaine.

Iboga for sale

How Iboga Works

Tabernanthe iboga reduces or even avoids the withdrawal symptoms of a heroin withdrawal. One dose of this drug can abruptly eliminate the demand for heroin. A study from 2013 reports that an heroin addict had no demand for heroin for half a year after just one dose of ibogaine. Heroin addicts get a clear inside of their lives and are able to answer the question why they started taking drugs and what this did to them. That prevents them from taking drugs again. How Ibogaine works exactly in the brain is not known until today. Researchers suggest that ibogaine blocks NMDA receptors in the brain. There is ongoing research in that field.

Due to dangerous side effects like paralysis and respiratory arrest, many countries forbid ibogaine.
The seeds of Tabernanthe iboga should soak in warm water for 3 days to increase germination success. After that they can be sown into the moist substrate. At a tropical temperature of 28°C germination may occur after just 3 weeks. Nevertheless it can also take some more time one should stay patient, it is worse it.

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